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How to Properly Care For You Pets at Home

It can be tough to know what you pet will and won't respond to when changing their diet or lifestyle habits.. So you need to know where you can go to find the supplies and advice you need, which is why this blog was created. As an animal lover and activist, I understand the stress that can accumulate when it comes to properly taking care of pets of all kinds. On the pages of my blog, you can find tips and advice that can be used to ensure that proper care of your animals as time goes on. Whether dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, or chickens, you'll find the information you need to keep your pets healthy and safe right here.



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Qualities to Look for in a Bed for Your Large Dog

Dogs all deserve their own comfortable bed to sleep on. But just what qualifies as a comfortable bed? This is quite different for a 10-pound miniature poodle than for a 100-pound German shepherd. If you have a big dog, here are some qualities to look for as you shop for a bed.

1. Firm padding or stuffing.

When buying a bed for a large, heavy dog, you want to look for a bed that has padding or stuffing on the firmer side. Stuffing that is too soft will just compress under your dog's weight, so they feel like they're sleeping on the floor. Firmer stuffing will remain comfortable for much longer. Memory foam is a good choice for big dogs because it tends to be firm. Stay away from dog beds stuffed only with loose fiber, as this tends to be too soft.

2. Non-cling covering.

The bigger the dog, the more it sheds. With so much hair on your big dog, you really don't want a bed that clings onto that hair. You'll spend hours getting it off. Look for a bed that is covered with a slightly slick, synthetic fabric. You do not want a bed made from cotton or faux suede, as both of those materials cling on to hair.

3. A removable cover.

You can't effectively wash a whole large dog bed in the average washing machine, and you can't even soak it in your sink like you might a small dog bed. Therefore, you really want to look for a large dog bed with a removable cover. This way, you can remove and wash the cover — the part that actually gets dirty — without having to worry about washing and drying whatever the bed is stuffed with. 

4. Flexibility.

When buying a dog bed this large, you do want to make sure it is flexible. This way, you can get it through doorways and transport it in the car more effectively. Some of the more rigid beds with plastic or wooden bases work well for small dogs, but the largest of these beds are just tough to maneuver.

If you keep the advice above in mind while shopping, you should get a big dog bed that is well-suited to your large dog's needs. There are a few great brands on the market, so you should have plenty of good options to consider as you shop.